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What is a weapon set? How can I change it?

The weapon set defines 5 things:
  • Which weapons are available?
  • Where are they located (in the weapon selection menu)?
  • When can they be used (in which round)?
  • How often can they be used?
  • How high is the chance that they will be in a supply crate?

You can edit, load and save weapon sets this way:
  • Start Carnage Contest
  • Click 'Host' to host a new game
  • Click 'Weapons' to open the weapon set editor

You can now rightclick weaponslots on the right to remove the assigned weapon or leftclick a weaponslot to select it.
Select a weapon from the file menu on the left to assign it to the selected weaponslot.
Use the + and - buttons at the right to change the amount and the availability of the selected weapon.

You can also load and save weapon sets or create a completely new weapon set from scratch.

Note that each weapon can be in your weapon set only one time. The very first weapon in your weapon set will be your primary weapon. Each player will have it in its hand by default. The primary weapon can be used directly and infinite times (its settings do not matter). There also SHOULD be at least one weapon in your set (but empty sets are possible as well).