Is Carnage Contest like Worms (the game by Team17)?

It's the same principle, yes. However Carnage Contest offers some things which Worms does not offer and many things are different. Scriptable weapons for example. This way you can create your own weapons or modify existing ones. Moreover you can run Carnage Contest on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Fullscreen or in a window. At every resolution your system supports (at least 640x480 though).

Here's a short list of some of the differences:
  • A MUCH bigger set of weapons
  • Lua scriptable weapons
  • Lua scriptable game modes
  • Players move faster and jump higher/wider
  • You can use weapons mid-air and while moving or jumping
  • Gameplay is faster (less waiting time)
  • Building stuff does not end your turn (unlike the grider in worms)
  • Your turn does not end when you get hurt
  • You can decide if you want fall damage to end your turn
  • There are three weapon categories for a better overview
  • Weapons do not fire if time runs out while charging
  • Useful minimap
  • Free resolution selection, window or fullscreen
  • Insane team management (you can mix internet and hotseat)
  • Cross-platform (Win, Linux and Mac)
  • It's totally free!

Multiplayer & Network

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