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Turn-based Multiplayer

Carnage Contest is a free 2D turn-based multiplayer shooter with fully destructible terrain and an insane collection of weapons. Download and play it now!


  • fully destructible 2D pixel worlds
  • a huge arsenal of crazy weapons (over 100!)
  • simply load bmp and png images as map
  • randomly generated maps with different landscapes
  • script your own weapons with Lua script
  • play with up to 8 players online or versus AI
  • easily find and join games with U.S.G.N. serverlist
  • much blood + politically/religiously incorrect
  • faster gameplay (less waiting time) than most comparable games

Download now!

Download Carnage Contest for FREE! It is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS!
It's about ~11 mb small and you don't need to install it! Simply extract and play!
Click here to get it now!
Windows Linux Mac
or extend the game
with stuff made by
the community!